Since 2010, I’ve had a lot of different roles at Kleiner Perkins: consumer investing partner, technical advisor to a former Vice President, portfolio company founder, and portfolio company executive.

But throughout it all, I’ve also had one consistent role: proud member of the extended KP family. And that’s the role I’ll be going back to in the new year as I move on from investing responsibilities at the firm. The reason is straightforward: my passions and interests have changed for something different (to be shared later). And the transition is also straightforward as all the great entrepreneurs I’ve been privileged to work with will continue to have my full support on their boards, and the full support of KP.

I remember when I first joined KP what my partner Randy Komisar told me: “You will learn more than you ever thought possible about opportunities you didn’t even know existed and be better off for it.” As usual, you were right Randy!

Thank you KP for giving me that experience, and I look forward to starting a new adventure in 2019. And in the meantime, you can continue to find me at KP and on Medium and Twitter (efeng).

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Leading Commerce Incubations at $FB. Was co-founder at Packagd (acq.), GP at Kleiner Perkins, and writing messy code at Hulu, Flipboard, Erly (acq.), and $MSFT.

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