Consumer VC investing is at an all time high, but should it be?

The more App Store rankings change, the more they stay the same

As I’ve written previously, the iTunes App Charts (which ranks the most popular mobile apps across a variety of categories like Gaming and Social) has become an incredibly interesting and accurate peak into what events, activities, and trends matter in the world. If something important is happening, it’ll be reflected in what apps are being downloaded across a billion Apple devices.

Some good news for new apps

Numbers don’t lie. Older, established apps on average are seeing increasing success on the App Charts compared to new startup apps. But numbers, particularly average numbers, also don’t tell the whole story. Covid-19 has actually helped new, startup apps in one way: US consumers are trying out more different apps during the pandemic.



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Eric Feng

Eric Feng


Current: Co-founder of @cymbalxyz, Co-founder of @GoldHouseCo Ventures. Past: @Meta (via Packagd), GP at @KleinerPerkins, and CTO of @Hulu and @Flipboard.