Investing as a team at Gold House Ventures

In the beginning

This week has been six months in the making from when we first formed Gold House Ventures. But the story really began nearly six years ago when Gold House co-founder Bing Chen sent out an invite for the inaugural Gold House event with this simple goal: “increase our people’s collective power and impact on culture”.

  • Build upon the world class collective Gold House has convened
  • Generate best-in-class returns for our Limited Partners by investing in great API-led companies
  • Provide long term funding for the Gold House non-profit to be able to do more for our community

Building on the Gold House collective

Gold House Ventures is possible because it stands on the shoulders of Gold House and all the people who have supported us over the years. We’ve modeled our investment strategy after affinity based investment groups like Gaingels or Broadway Angels or the Stanford Engineering Venture Fund, whereby like minded people, who share a common interest or purpose, invest together. For Gold House Ventures, our affinity is a passion for the API community and we are fortunate to collaborate with many of the best API investors in the world — all members of Gold House — who have shared numerous investment opportunities with us.

Generate best-in-class returns for our Limited Partners

10% of all businesses in the US are led by Asian Americans, creating over $700 billion of economic value and over 3.6 million jobs in this country. At the core of Gold House Ventures is our excitement for these API entrepreneurs. We are fundamentally long the asset class of API founders and believe that a portfolio constructed of leading Asian led startups can generate great investment returns for our Limited Partners.

Provide long term funding for the Gold House non-profit

Gold House Ventures first and foremost has a responsibility to provide a great rate of return on our LP capital. But in doing so, we also can generate funding and resources for the Gold House non-profit at the same time. Like other for-profit investment funds, the investing partners of Gold House Ventures (Bing, Megan, and myself) collect management fees and carried interest on our investment profits. But we then donate 100% of these fees and carried interest to Gold House to fund important programs and initiatives that aid and support APIs. Some of Gold House’s efforts in 2021 include:

  • Raising over $14 million in funding that went directly to #StopAsianHate community organizations and victims.
  • Marketing and awareness campaigns for 32 Asian film and entertainment projects (including Shang-Chi) and a partnership with Netflix to promote all of their API content.
  • Awarding over $500k in grants to API philanthropic communities in partnership with Asian American Futures.

Winning together

Last week, Forbes released their annual Midas List, providing their ranking of the top 100 investors in Venture Capital. What was relevant about that list was not just the impressive number of Asians recognized as leaders in the VC industry, but also a reminder for me about how venture investing is thought of largely as an individual activity. The Midas List — perhaps the industry’s most well known report — is a list of people, not teams or firms. Investors are examined independently, their great accomplishments singularly attributed to just one person.



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Eric Feng

Eric Feng


Current: Co-founder of @cymbalxyz, Co-founder of @GoldHouseCo Ventures. Past: @Meta (via Packagd), GP at @KleinerPerkins, and CTO of @Hulu and @Flipboard.