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Eric Feng
4 min readFeb 20, 2023


Royale 2, Cymbal’s second on-chain event on Solana in partnership with acclaimed artist Vinnie Hager and Magic Eden, has just wrapped. Over the past 10 days, participants played an NFT-powered online sweepstakes for the chance to win from a $25,000 prize pool plus an original art piece from Vinnie. As we bring Royale 2 to a close, the final tally stands as follows:

  • 106k+ NFT tickets minted to participate in the event
  • 85k+ sales on Magic Eden, the most of any NFT project this year
  • 114k+ members in our Cymbal Discord server representing 300+ NFT communities including LILY, BONKz, sharx, Claynosaurz, Primates and more
  • 21k+ Discord messages sent
  • 1k winners including the grand prize winner, SEB MONTY, who amazingly took home first, second AND eighth place. Congratulations!

Discord was a critical component in how Cymbal built Royale 2. Within our Discord server, we were able to share live updates on NFT activity and status, hear real time feedback from thousands of users each day, and watch them actively engage with each other. Royale 2 wasn’t just an on-chain event, it was also a social event. You didn’t just join the Royale, you were able to experience it alongside a community of other participants. And that happened in Discord, a service synonymous with communities.

By definition, Web3 projects like Royale all have community participation because we all leverage blockchain data that’s community owned and controlled. That inherent community involvement is why Discord has also become synonymous with web3 and in particular NFTs. Practically every NFT project has a Discord server, to the point where Vogue referred to Discord as the “Soho House of Web 3.0” and the “heart and soul of an NFT project”.

And taking what we’ve built at Cymbal and learned from Royale, we now want to help make those NFT Discord servers even better.

The gateway to NFTs

At Cymbal, our goal is to make the blockchain easier to understand and utilize, starting with NFTs which we believe are the most consumer friendly use case for the blockchain. 80% of the time, the very first action a new crypto wallet undertakes is related to NFTs according to Electric Capital’s 2022 Developer Report on crypto activity. For most new crypto users, NFTs have become the gateway to web3.

And Discord is the gateway to NFTs. Crypto, web3, and NFTs are amongst the most popular categories on Discord with millions of people seeking out more information on those topics every day. Information about NFTs, collections, sales, people, projects, and more. Information that we have at Cymbal and are excited to share with the release of Cymbal Bot, our second product from Team Cymbal after Royale.

Cymbal Bot is a freely available Discord bot that you install and configure entirely from a web browser. Once setup, Cymbal Bot gives any Discord server access to real time stats and insights that we’ve assembled across thousands of NFT collections and millions of individual NFTs and wallets.

Here are some of the main benefits that Cymbal Bot can offer any NFT Discord community.

  • Real time NFT sales alerts. Get real time alerts sent to your Discord server about sales from thousands of ETH and SOL NFT collections that Cymbal is currently tracking. Alerts can be customized based on sales price, seller profit, and other configurable parameters.
  • Search for more info via slash commands. Cymbal Bot also supports a variety of slash commands so your community can find information on people and projects directly from within your Discord server. Search across our index of millions of NFTs and Wallets and get the latest summaries about them.
  • Companion webpages with more info. Along with every summary about NFT sales, we also include a link to companion transaction webpages with even more information. Click through to learn more, like about this Moonbirds sale.

Cymbal was founded because we are all so excited by the transformative potential of blockchain and NFTs. With Royale, we wanted to share an experience that made NFTs fun and interactive. With Cymbal Bot, we hope to share knowledge and information that makes NFT projects easier to understand for their communities in the place where those communities gather every day — Discord.

Visit to learn more, or join the Cymbal community on Discord to talk to us directly!



Eric Feng

Current: Co-founder of @cymbalxyz, Co-founder of @GoldHouseCo Ventures. Past: @Meta (via Packagd), GP at @KleinerPerkins, and CTO of @Hulu and @Flipboard.