The most valuable mobile app permission is growing even more valuable

Permission to Push

Last March at the start of the pandemic, open rates for mobile app push notifications (i.e. how often users click on notifications sent to their phone) reached their highest average rate in more than four years according to mobile notification company Airship. This continued a trend that has been going on for a while now, as users have steadily been engaging more with mobile notifications over the past half decade on both iOS and Android devices.

Push notification engagement rates

The Push Privilege

One of my favorite nerdy pastimes is to study the iTunes App Charts (which ranks the most popular mobile apps across a variety of categories like Gaming and Social) for interesting trends. Last month, I wrote that one Covid-19 trend is that the average age of the Top 30 most popular apps jumped more than 50% during the pandemic. In other words since March 2020, consumers have been choosing to install older, more established apps at a higher rate compared to new, upstart apps. When it comes to mobile app installs during Covid-19, fortune favors not the BOLD, but rather the OLD.



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Eric Feng

Eric Feng


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